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Are you looking for a dental clinic with experienced dentists who can cover all your dental issues? Look no further! Terrey Hills Dental is a short drive from Frenchs Forest where you can find highly qualified local Frenchs Forest dentists with over 40 years of experience.

Our team of dentists will listen to your concerns and expectations, and work to deliver results that exceed what you had in mind. We offer custom solutions that are best for each patient. Our goal is to provide Frenchs Forest dental patients with premium dental care.

Dental Care Done Right

For us, our patients are like family. We don’t only want to offer you dental treatment, but also build a trusting relationship with you, allowing you to feel comfortable at your dental clinic. Our team doesn’t only focus on oral health and hygiene, we also incorporate whole-body health into the solutions we offer to ensure you stay fit and healthy.

We are constantly learning and growing by keeping up with the latest studies and research and equipping our clinic with the most innovative technology to deliver premium dentistry at an affordable price.

Complete Dental Solutions and More

We offer quality dental services, that cover the most common dental needs in Frenchs Forest. From root canals and orthodontics to preventive and aesthetical solutions, our comprehensive services are perfect for you and your entire family.

Our team takes great pride in offering solutions for snoring and mouthbreathing as well. We work closely with ENT specialists and sleep physicians to ensure conditions such as sleep apnoea, are treated effectively.

Besides treating, we also educate and advise our patients on the best practices for dental care in Frenchs Forest. If you bring in your little ones we will guide you on the best foods to give to children to prevent cavities and tooth decay and tips for maintaining oral hygiene.

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No matter how many queries or concerns you may have, our experts will ensure you leave the clinic satisfied.

From the initial consultation to the end of the procedure, our staff will do their best to make you feel at home. We strive to make all procedures fast, painless, and effective.

Choose the best for yourself and your family by picking Terrey Hills Dental as your primary dental clinic around Frenchs Forest. Reach out to our experienced dentists today by calling (02) 9450 1593, dropping an email at or booking online.

Our friendly staff will be ready to accommodate you at any time.

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