Integrating dental and whole body health

At Terrey Hills Dental we believe in treating the whole person and not just the tooth. We keep ourselves at the forefront of advances in dentistry so we can treat the tooth with the most current technology, but we go beyond the tooth and consider how that tooth relates to every other tooth and to the rest of the oral cavity. Then we take the next step and consider how the oral cavity relates to the cranium, the face, the airway, the cervical vertebrae and from there to the rest of the body.

We attend postgraduate courses in subjects as diverse as breathing therapy to neuroimmunology in an effort to keep ourselves abreast of the ever changing state of medical research. We work with chiropractors, speech therapists, oro-facial myologists, medical practitioners and ENT specialists to find the best treatment options for each patient. We are also delighted to have Dr. Rosalba Courtney working with us. Dr. Courtney is not only a qualified osteopath but a renown expert in breathing dysfunction.

Dr. Courtney attends our practice to see patients who have a diversity of breathing dysfunctions from asthma to sleep apnoea, to assess their dysfunction and provide treatment. She also provides treatment for all age groups, to treat conditions such as TMD, cervical rotations and cranial strain.

We are especially proud of our collaboration in treating children suffering underdeveloped jaws and breathing dysfunction with a holistic approach.

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