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Oral care and hygiene are crucial to having clean and healthy teeth and gums. However, despite following a proper dental care routine, you may experience problems with your teeth. For example, you may not be happy with the shape of your smile, have gaps between your teeth, or have lost a tooth because of age or an accident. All these issues can hold you back from smiling and lower your self-confidence. But don’t worry; Terrey Hills Dental is here to make you smile.

Located in Terrey Hills shopping centre, we provide the best and most affordable dental care services in a comfortable environment to patients of all age groups. We are only six minutes away from Ingleside. So, if you’re looking for trusted and experienced local dentists near Ingleside, visit us. We can assist you with all your dental care needs to complete satisfaction.

Factors That Make Us a Preferred Provider of Dental Services Near Ingleside

At Terrey Hills Dental, we take immense pride in being a preferred dental clinic near Ingleside. Here are some of the many factors why patients choose us over our contemporaries:

Holistic Dental Care Approach

We are patient-centric. Hence, we focus on understanding your dental needs, aspirations and concerns before recommending a treatment. Our approach is holistic and patient-focused. We consider your medical conditions, oral health challenges, and goals.

Our dentist also thoroughly examines your mouth to evaluate your condition. After that, considering everything, we determine you the best treatment.

Strong Commitment to Quality

We have built our stellar market reputation on our exceptional quality of dental care services. Our team’s continuous education, training and development show our unwavering commitment to quality. At Terrey Hills Dental, we want to provide top-notch and latest treatments to our patients. Hence, we constantly participate in continuing education- gaining more knowledge to deliver superior oral care services whenever you visit our dental clinic near Ingleside.

Our commitment to quality earned us accreditation in 2013. We successfully passed the rigorous quality check process in collaboration with AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Authority) and QIP (Quality Innovation Performance).

Four Decades of Industry Experience

We have been in the dental care industry for more than 40 years. Rest assured; we are a name you can rely on for all your oral care needs. Over the years, we have practically seen and treated all kinds of dental problems satisfactorily.

One-Stop Dental Clinic Near Ingleside

Terrey Hills Dental is your go-to dental clinic. We offer the broadest range of dental care treatments, including but not limited to children’s dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, restorative dentistry, orthodontics, integrative health, etc. So, no matter your dental issue, you can count on our local dentists near Ingleside to provide you with the best treatment that will make you smile confidently once again.

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